The research group of Materials Chemistry is a part of the Laboratory of Materials Chemistry and Chemical Analysis at the University of Turku. The laboratory belongs to Turku University Centre for Materials and Surfaces (MatSurf), which is a cluster of materials scientists at the university from different disciplines representing physics, chemistry and biomaterials. The collaboration within MatSurf enlarges the available instrumental park as well as the tight collaboration with material research laboratory at the Åbo Akademi University.

The focus of the research in the group has been on soft materials like conjugated polymers and macromolecules since the mid-eighties. The research today comprises also materials like graphene and fullerenes as well as ionic liquids and layer by layer assembly of thin films. The applications of such materials is in solar cells, supercapacitors and electrochromics.

The development of instrumental techniques for studying thin films is an important field in our research and special efforts have been put on in situ spectroelectrochemical measurement techniques. These characterization techniques enable simultaneous analysis of structural and electronic changes in a material.