Welcome to the Group of Materials Chemistry at University of Turku. We are an active group of Master students, PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers, exploring new functional materials for different applications. Our main research theme includes, but not limited to electroactive materials like Conducting polymers & redox polymers, Thin films assembly by layer by layer techniqueIonic liquids, Carbon based nanomaterials like Graphene and its analogues, Fullerenes, Carbon nanotubes and Hybrid/Composite materials and In situ spectroelectrochemistry. The applications areas are Solar Cells, Supercapacitors, Optoelectronics and Electrochromics. If you want to learn more about the recent activities of the group, check out our publications and news section. Want to join us, please contact Prof. Carita Kvarnström for opportunities.

Recent News

Sergio E. Domínguez will defend his doctoral thesis 

Dr. Lokesh Kesavan visited Prof. Biljana Abramović 's group at University of Novi Sad, Serbia

MSc Milla Suominen will defend her doctoral thesis

Sachin secured 2nd place in 3 min pitching competition at the SmartBIO annual meeting

Milla attending the 6th International Conference on Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Devices

Rahul attending the 69th Annual ISE Meeting

Recent Publications

Lokesh Kesavan, Ajit M. Kalekar,  Pia Damlin, Carita Kvarnström, "Reduced graphene oxide supported palladium nano-shapes for electro-oxidation of oxalic acid" Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 847 (2019) 113167.

Milla Suominen, Pia Damlin, Carita Kvarnström, "Electrolyte effects on formation and properties of PEDOT-graphene oxide composites". Electrochimica Acta 307 2019 214-223

S.Ruggeri, F. Poletti, et al., "Chemical and electrochemical properties of a hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent". Electrochimica Acta 295 (2019) 124-129

Milla Suominen, Pia Damlin, Sari Granroth, Carita Kvarnström, “Improved long term cycling of polyazulene/reduced graphene oxide composites fabricated in a choline based ionic liquid”. Carbon 128 (2018) 205-214

Mikko Salomäki, Lauri Marttila, Henri Kivelä, Tuomo Ouvinen, and Jukka Lukkari, “Effects of pH and Oxidants on the First Steps of Polydopamine Formation: A Thermodynamic Approach.” J. Phys. Chem. B 284 2018, 122 (24), pp 6314–6327.